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What are the 40 Developmental Assets™?

Assets are concrete, positive, common sense experiences and qualities that:

  1. Provide understanding of what young people need to succeed and be healthy
  2. Focus on solutions rather than problems
  3. Are powerful predictors of behavior
  4. Protective factors that inhibit behaviors such as alcohol and drug abuse, sexual intercourse, and school failure
  5. Enhancement factors that promote positive development
  6. Resiliency factors that help youth to cope with and avoid difficult situations

The 40 Developmental Assets are grouped into two categories:

External AssetsInternal Assets  

You should know that each individual asset is critical to healthy development, even though the list may seem overwhelming.

The 40 Developmental Assets are traditionally applied to adolescent youth in the 6th through 12th grades; however, you can build assets in all ages of children:

To find out how many assets your child possesses or to prompt conversation about the 40 Developmental Assets, please review the following:

  • An Assets Checklist for Parents (doc | pdf)
  • An Assets Checklist for Teachers (doc | pdf)
  • An Assets Checklist for Youth (doc | pdf)

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